Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dougie Maclean portrait completed!

Very excited to have just finished Dougie Maclean's portrait, down to the last glaze, the ribbon of his OBE and the celtic knotwork in the background.

Dougie has played fiddle since his youth, but is best known as a singer, songwriter and guitarist with an intimate manner that reaches the hearts of his audience. When I interviewed him, he didn't bring a fiddle, but as he talked about playing and writing music on the fiddle, his hands naturally described the shape of fiddle playing with long-accustomed grace. He said he plays fiddle the way he sings, playing the airs of songs, and filling his playing with emotion.

I have painted him in a characteristically relaxed and casual pose, but surrounded him with the trappings of formality which also characterise his life. And he is truly an air-fiddler.


  1. Hi Nic - that is absolutely stunning! The colours are outrageous! Miss you xxx

  2. Hi, Sandy, just found your comment. Huge job to get the paintings done, and I learned a lot, now to show them to the fiddlers in Ireland!
    Miss you too. xxx