Sunday, June 28, 2009

Traffic Signal Box and New Figs

Here are some images of the new traffic signal box which I painted at the corner of Duporth Avenue and Beach Road, Maroochydore.

And the new canvasses I'm working on in the studio.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Paintings

At last I'm back in the studio and working fast with a technique I've developed, which requires me to concentrate on not being too precious or fiddly.

I painted my Traffic Signal Box at Maroochydore last week, and it helps to hone this sort of speedy brushwork when you're out in the weather with the running commentary of the passing motorists. I had quite a few encouraging remarks, and a few lewd suggestions about what to paint.

Bringing this technique back into the studio I realized how very easy it is to procrastinate when I'm in a quiet space with no passing traffic. And i've been fighting that urge and working fast.

Saw Tom Roberts' war artist paintings at Easter in the War Memorial in Canberra, and was very taken by his broad brush layout of the scene, then working up ever-finer detail of the part he wants you to look at. Applying that to these new paintings as much as I can.