Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Works on Show!

To the Island (The Strand), 2009, acrylic on canvas, 90cm x 90cm, $1100

The Quiet Heart (The Strand), 2009, acrylic on canvas, 90cm x 90cm, $1100.

I have been invited to be part of a show at Maleny Artworks, which opens this Saturday. The theme of the show is Trees, Trees, Trees. I've painted two large new works for the show, based on images from the Strand in Townsville. They are more complete workings of the images I used on my traffic signal box. I've been particularly interested in the fall and reflection of light on the sculptural trees to model their shape, and the contrast between the power, strength and complexity of the tree with the serenity of the sea and island in the distance.

I've had some of this series of paintings on the wall at home for periods of time, and I find them utterly meditative; my eye travels around the tree constantly, and into the distance, mentally climbing in amongst the branches and roots and out of everyday life.

I'm beginning to look at ways to license my tree images for reproduction, and I have created a series of cards of them, some of which will be available at Maleny Artworks. I've also stocked them at the Maple Street Co-op, in Maleny.

Now the major work for the exhibition is done, I'm already starting my next commission.

Trees, Trees, Trees at Maleny Artworks, 50 Maple Street, Maleny, Q, 4552. Gallery is upstairs, open Wed - Sun, 10 -4. 07 5429 6566, or 0488 364 476. and


  1. impressive...good luck at show!

  2. So beautiful, i'm gonna buy one of your paintings one day....